Guy Jakobi

Meet Guy Jakobi, Co-Founder and Director at Pacific Grow. With 20 years of global agriculture experience and a passion for sustainable agriculture, Guy is committed to finding innovative solutions that work in harmony with nature. He is a creative thinker and problem solver who pushes the boundaries of what is possible with his deep knowledge of agricultural technology and methodologies.

Tiran Alali

Meet Tiran Alali, Co-Founder and Chief Agronomist. With over 15 years of experience in advanced and natural agriculture, Tiran is a leading expert in developing sustainable solutions that work in harmony with nature. He has trained and advised on dozens of global projects and created over 700 protocols for advanced and natural farming.

Edwin Tamasese

Meet Edwin, an expert in tropical agriculture with 31 years of experience. His exceptional strengths lie in agronomy and farming practices, specifically in the Pacific region. Edwin’s extensive knowledge and skills have proven invaluable in enhancing resilience, increasing yields, and promoting sustainability. As a valuable asset to Pacific Grow, his contributions are instrumental in driving the company’s success

Kiniviliame Turagalailai

Kini-viliame Turagalailai Admin Officer and Technician.

 Kini-viliame takes charge of our backstage operations, ensuring seamless coordination and the highest level of service for our esteemed customers and partners. His commitment to delivering exceptional experiences is unwavering, and he maintains strong relationships and provides unparalleled service to all those we serve.

Mesake Cataki

Mesake Tamani, Senior HOMEBIOGAS Technician

Mesake is an experienced professional with remarkable charm and passion for his work. With a track record of hundreds of successful installations, Mesake’s expertise and warm personality leave a lasting impression on customers. His love for farming is infectious, making him a valuable asset in promoting sustainable agriculture

Mercedes Swann

Mercedes Swann, our dedicated Digital Marketer, brings a wealth of expertise in biomedical science, public health, health education, and social media to our team. Leveraging her background, Mercedes creates engaging and informative content tailored specifically for agriculture in the South Pacific. Her passion for education shines through in her work, as she crafts valuable agriculture tips and resources to empower fellow farmers. Mercedes‘ innovative approach and commitment to sustainable practices make her an invaluable asset in our mission to support and uplift the agricultural community in the region.