Adi Mere talks to us about the hardships the women in her village face just by gathering firewood and cooking their family meals.

Saula Tukan is the proud owner of the Bulaidrauna Farm located outside Navua Town. Saula talks about the benefits the HomeBiogas systems has had on his farm since its installation in 2019.

Aminio Waiso is one of many people in his community that have witnessed the great things that was brought about by using the liquid fertiliser from the HomeBiogas Units and the Drip-Kit Irrigation Kits. 

As a bi-product of every HomeBiogas unit, Peceli Tavanivesi talks in-depth about the use of the liquid fertiliser on his crops and vegetables. Click on the video for more. 

Salanieta Waqasaqa is a member of the Women’s Group in her community. She talks about the importance of farming and planting your own food describing it as a ‘community project’ for the women in her village.