Peter and his family live on a remote island north-east of Fiji called Rotuma in the district of Pepjei. Being the first family on the island to own the first HomeBiogas System, Peter and his family have not just started something new, but have also showed their community how much they’re able to save from buying cooking gas from the stores.

“Before we got our HomeBiogas System, we were spending about $65 on gas per month. Now that we have the system, we save a lot more on gas!”

The cooking gas is one thing, but the primary reason why this family from Rotuma purchased the HomeBiogas System is because of the bio-fertiliser that it produces along the way.

“The bio-fertiliser is the prime reason for this purchase. We have a farm up in the mountain where we plant different types of crops and vegetables and that is where we use the fertiliser.”

Setting up something like the HomeBiogas System, especially on a remote island as far as Rotuma, could come across as a difficult task because with the network and internet issue on the island, it would be hard to contact the technical team for on-call assistance.

“The setup of the system was very easy. All you do is follow the instructions and you’ll get it. This included the setup and flame-test, all was easy and successful on our first try. You just really have to read the instructions properly.”

Addition to their 4.0 system, the family have just recently purchased a new Drip Irrigation Kit for their farm in the mountains and are excited to set it up and watch their vegetables and root crops grow.

“Because the farm is the middle of nowhere, it’s very hard to go daily to water our vegetables. This is why we thought it was important that we invested in a drip-kit system.”

More updates coming up in December 🙂